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Living and working near Porto, Portugal, self-taught Angelique began her artistic journey at an early age. She has experimented with numerous mediums, including film and music. Born out of a love for simplicity and understated elegance, her passion for painting won.

Deeply influenced by the minimalist and Korean Dansaekhwa art movements, Angelique found her artistic voice in creating abstract paintings that celebrate the power of minimalism. Through her art, Angelique invites the viewer to slow down. Her works feature a limited palette, texture and simplicity that evoke a sense of calm and serenity.

Despite being a relatively new painter, Angelique's works have already gained recognition and acclaim. Her dedication to minimalism and quiet elegance has earned her a loyal following, and her paintings have found homes in private collections around the world. Additionally, her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and art shows, as well as being featured in several art publications.

For an Artist CV, Statement or Bio, please contact me.

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